Extracurricular Activities

A fun range of social programs are available to make your life in Sucre as exciting as possible and.....


Volleyball Wally

It is a sport that is played like volleyball in a closed court, you can use the walls to play also.

Salsa Class

Salsa Class

Born to dance music and inclusive of the legacies of all Caribbean countries receiving their inspiration. The most widespread Hispanic music in the world.


Cooking Class

The variety of Bolivian cuisine is given by the geographic and climatic diversity, where according to the region consists of different types of foodsand condiments.

About bolivian food

Lunch is the main meal which usually includes soup and a main dish.

  • The potato is the main staple, served liberally, even with rice or noodles.
  • The food is not spicy, except for special dishes, but a sauce "la llajwa" is usually available which is made with tomato and locoto (chiles).
  • Humitas - Fresh corn with cheese, wrapped in corn leaves and steamed.
  • Salteñas - Only eaten in the morning. A warm savory oven-baked pastry which holds a juicy combination of chicken or meat, greens and sauce.
  • Empanadas - A savory oven-baked pastry containing cheese or cheese with onion, olives and locoto.
  • Sandwich de Chola - Sandwich with roasted pork leg, lettuce and locoto.
  • Chanca de pollo o de conejo - Soup make with chicken or cuy, potato, peas, avas and green onion.
  • Picantes de pollo, lengua, conejo - conejo is cuy or guinea pig a favorite Andean dish.
  • Conejo estirado - Whole roasted cuy.
  • Chicharron - Pieces of fried pork, cooked with chicha and served with stewed corn.
  • Charque de llama - Dried llama meat, fried, served with stewed corn, hard cooked eggs and cheese.
  • Lechon - Roast suckling pig. * Pique Macho - Small pieces of meat with fried potatoes, tomatoes and locoto for people who wish to be very "macho".
  • Anticuchos - Thin strips of heart, cooked in a special way.
  • Phampacu - Different types of meat which were originally grilled in a hole in the ground, now for convenience, cooked in the oven.

About bolivian drinks

  • Chicha - Fermented corn (usually homemade) - the sacred drink of the Incas.
  • Chicha de mani - Soft drink with peanut.
  • Api - Corn drink made with purple and white corn.
  • Tojori - Hot thick drink made from white mashed corn.
  • Beers - Taquiña, Paceña, Huari.
  • Wines - Excellent wines from the Tarjina region on the frontier with Argentina.
  • Singani - A Bolivian brandy.