Where to Stay?

Accommodation in Sucre is possible in two ways, with a Host family or in a Student's residence.....

Accommodation Options Homestay


Includes two meals (breakfast and lunch), private room, bathroom, and laundry service once a week.

Our host families: Families belong to Bolivia's middle class, although students should take note that living standards in Bolivia are much lower than in Europe or North America. Family homes are located in neighborhoods usually no more than a 20 to 30 minute walk to school. Participants choosing to stay with a family should recognize that a certain degree of flexibility will be required to adjust to the Bolivian customs and way of life.

Family consideration: One of the most important parts of your learning and cultural experience is the homestay. You have already paid for your homestay. You don't have to bring gifts for the family but it is a nice gesture to do so (some ideas: chocolate or candy, a picture frame or something local from your home town). If you need an extra sheet, blanket, a new light or anything else, ask your family. Overall, the homestay should be one of the highlights of your trip but sometimes problems do arise. Notify the director of the school of any problems or if you wish to change families (there is no charge for this).

You will receive a key to the outside door and will be able to come and go as you please. You are not obligated to eat your meals with the family, but you should notify them when you will not be eating at home. Food and drink served by your host family is safe.

Your host family respects your beliefs and we ask that you show that same respect for theirs. You can discuss anything with your teacher, but some subjects regarding religion, culture or politics may be inappropriate to discuss with your family. It is a good idea to bring some pictures of family, friends, your house and even a map that shows where you live. These can be used to begin discussions. For those of you who may want to bring gifts for your foreign hosts, here are a few suggestions: For the Señora: Box of chocolates, fresh flowers from a flower store, towels, table cloth, etc. For the Children: Balloons, gum, cassettes of current popular music, local city/state T-shirts, baseball cap.

  • Groups of families staying together: A few homestays can accommodate this.
  • Private bath: Very few homes can provide private bath for the student.
  • Extra homestay nights: Available at extra cost. Homestay included in cost starts the day before classes and ends the day after classes end.
  • Laundry service: Provided by host family.
  • Distance to school: Most families live a 10-20 minute walk from school.

Student's Residence

Student's Residence

The school offers a flat share that gives you the freedom and independence of having your own space while enjoying the social benefits of living in a house with other international students.

We offer single and share rooms. Self catering, kitchen and bathrooms are shared.